So the thing is, I generally can’t resist heading into a shop with a cute flower display outside. Call it a weakness of mine. It reminds me of my days working in Belgium a good ten years ago, a place where where flowers are taken very seriously (as they should be in my opinion). Many homeware stores in Belgium have plants and flowers outside as well as inside; Dille & Kamille is an example of one such homeware store there that creates beautiful displays of fresh flowers and plants outside the front of their stores to entice you in.

Vintage French signs

Vintage French signs

For me that’s a real pull and thankfully it’s now become a retail trend in the UK too. Plants and flowers should not just be reserved for florists and garden centres. So when I was mooching around (Brighton and) Hove this summer and passed a nice looking interiors shop with flowers outside, including pink hydrangeas on vintage stepladders and cute bouquets in blue enamel jugs, I had to go in and take a look.


Vintage maps and accessories

The shop is called Florian, and as it turns out it is part florist part vintage / homeware store. It’s my idea of the perfect shop. The mix of fresh flowers and greenery poking out of vintage pots, vases and trunks is a delight to see, it’s the look I’m cultivating at home myself. The front section of the store has more fresh flowers and plants while the back of the store with it’s shabby plastered walls has more homewares, although it’s a mix throughout. i could have browsed for a long time. From having a look at their blog I can see they do lovely flowers and displays for wedding and events so worth checking out if you are trying to find a florist for a wedding or event in East Sussex.

Plants and pots

Plants and pots

Whoever is buying the vintage pieces for the store has a great eye. There were a number of fabulous vintage French maps – another weakness of mine. As well as vintage French road signs, loads of enamel jugs, empty antique frames, old glass bottles, vintage pots and glass cabinets. It really is an emporium of beautiful vintage finds with the addition of gorgeous colourful flowers, plants and succulents mixed in amongst the homewares. If you’re in Brighton or Hove and have a penchant for vintage home pieces, make sure you go to Florian and take a look. You won’t be disappointed.


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