If you read interiors magazines and blogs then you’re likely to be familiar with the work of Lindsey Lang which, in my eyes, always pops out on the page. Based in her South London studio, Lang’s work is super fresh and bright, with a captivating mid century vintage feel. In 2014, Lang was recognised as ‘Young Designer of the Year ‘ by Homes & Gardens Designer Awards. Lang brings her own unique mix of influences to her work. Since I’ve worked in the world of tiles, I find myself drawn to the colour and pattern of Lang’s tile designs which feature vibrant colours and patterns on both cement and terrazzo. Lang has collaborated on homeware designs with the Design Museum, Barbican, Transport for London, Formica and John Lewis amongst others, so you may well have seen her work without even realising it. Having trained as a fine artist in textile design, Lang draws much of her inspiration from colour theories, the Constructivism movement and her time spent working in graphic design and illustration, bringing bright colourways, textures and geometric patterns together to create beautifully balanced and timeless designs. Having had the pleasure to meet her recently through work, here is what Lang herself has to say about her work…

How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it before? Bright, bold and stylishly timeless products for home


Lindsey Lang cushions

Where do you find inspiration for your work? Literally everywhere. I make it my job to keep my eyes open wherever I go. I try not to look at my phone when I am traveling on a bus or train, there’s just too much to look at! I love the buzz of London. I am spoiled with beautiful architecture, fashion and art. It’s true that there are always a few core interests that I will go back to like American Modernism, Constructivism and Bauhaus greats but for the most part I just like to make sure that I am engaged in moving forward with innovative ideas

What are you currently working on? At this very moment I am working on Spring/Summer 2018 rug designs. I also like to keep more than a few projects rolling at the same time.

Is there anything coming up later this year or recently launched we should keep an eye open for? I did a lovely project with The Barbican which recently launched. It is a capsule collection of products that are for sale intheir newlyrenovated retail shop. As well as this, I have new designs that are ongoing with John Lewis. For example, I just had a new rug come out last weekend for SS17 called ‘Reflector’…And there is my ongoing Signature Collection of tiles which is on my website.


Lindsey Lang Camira fabrics

Which other designers do you admire? The list could go for ages but I love Josef and Anni Albers and Enid Marx. I also love abstract expressionism and adored a show I saw in NY this winter at the Guggenheim on Agnes Martin who is another favourite artist of mine.


Lindsey Lang Transport For London cement tiles

Where do you like to shop when you’re out and about? I gotta be honest, I do a lot of food shopping. I am obsessed with Borough market, and frequent the lovely shops at my doorstep in Spa Terminus and Lassco Ropewalk. I love a good museum shop and I think we are lucky to live in London where the museum shops are so great. The Design Museum shop and The Barbican shop are fab if you are looking for design-led gifts. If I am looking for clothes I do most of this online however If I had more time you would find me on Regent Street.


Lindsey Lang terrazzo tiles

How did you get into the world of design? I trained as a fine artist in Textile Design. It was a nice mix between learning the discipline of art as well as the more commercial side of design. After graduating I landed a graphic design job and then moved to London where I worked in the design industry and worked my way up the ladder. After 5-8 years in the industry that I decided to launch my own company in 2012.

What has been the most exciting moment in your design career so far? The day I was awarded ‘Young Designer of the Year’ by Homes & Gardens Designer Awards was a lovely day. It really felt like my hard work had been recognised and I am really grateful for that moment. Also I recently did a film shoot with Nikon as part of their campaign which featured me in a double page spread in Stylist Magazine. That was also a real ‘pinch myself’ moment. You can see the link to the video here: http://specials.stylist.co.uk/nikon-stylist/instagrammers/lindsey-lang/



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